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News, links, images and quotes from relevant issues to society, and lessons we can choose to learn from historal events. I also include my take on different political topics, put my 2 cents in on controversial subjects ranging from local issues, in my native state of New Hampshire, to issues concerning and encompassing a variety of regions around the world.

I am a member of the Penobscot tribe and my wife is the one of the ones who you call out as not being true to our plights. You are wrong to say she is disingenuous and you are wrong about her not spreading the word of the missing and raped . She has been welcomed by my tribe. Take this to your elders if you are angry but do not air your anger here against one who is with us. Do not speak for all as you are one. May you find peace with your anger. Your fight is not with her. Remember the values no matter who the person, or the situation. It is what you and the creator know to be true that matters.~ Remi JT

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I side eye all my non-Native followers who call themselves our allies, but they’ll hardly give a glance to posts concerning Native people going missing, being murdered and raped for no reason at all and only reblogging the pretty things I post. What’s ‘liking’ the post gonna do for us? You call…

Robin Williams

Robin Williams.

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What Ails Us and the Medicine We Need

What Ails Us and the Medicine We Need

Agreeably I take a long time between posts. I often think long and hard, looking at all sides before I form an opinion. I have now come to this conclusion about the state of our country. As a nation, I believe we are strong and our individualism is intact, however, the fundamental basics of our society have become skewed to a point of breaking.

I say this with hesitancy as I would expect many…

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What Has Our Society Become

 Today, I read a news story about some elementary students whose parents had run out of lunch money for their kids. The school discovered this at lunch time and literally took the kids lunch away. Sad on its own, but, it gets worse.

 The cafeteria servers…

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We Made This Mess, We Will Have to Clean It Up

We Made This Mess, We Will Have to Clean It Up.

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We Made This Mess, We Will Have to Clean It Up

Well, here we are, 2014 and lets take a good hard look at where we stand.

Jobs are coming back, but not good ones or well paying jobs. Long term unemployment benefits have been cut because politicians, people we elected, decided that it encouraged people…

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The conundrum of digital humanitarianism: when the crowd does harm

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We saw this coming. It’s like when you start sniffing and coughing and you know the real flu is coming. And you know you cannot do anything about it, because even if you take a very strong aspirin, it is too late…

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This Post is a Plea for Help

The devastation into the Philippines and the tragedy is brutally apparent.

What is not being reported on is what I am here to talk to all about. Trafficking of children.

Now you can imagine what this would be like for a child who has become separated from…

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There are No Winners

  We did not win. No one won this last battle. Not a Democrat, Republican or Tea Party member won a thing. No one won because it was not a contest or a game. It was a misguided debate about whether we were going to fund our government and pay our bills.…

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This is Why Things Suck

 As we face a debt ceiling show down, as we go through a government shut down, I have noticed some things. Now many of you will dislike what I am about to say,  but, at times, things that are unpleasant need to be said and done.

 We are no longer a world…

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And a New Twist Emerges

The Republican led house, secretly between the hours of 11 pm Sept. 30th and 12 am Oct. 1st passed a house rule change. This rule prevents any member of the house of representatives to introduce a bill to the floor without the express permission of House…

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Hey, Let’s take the Weekend Off!

 Man, those poor folks in the House of Representatives must be exhausted. All this arguing and standing their ground, coming up with new ways to fund what they feel is important. Tiring work.

 It takes a lot out for you keeping the government shut down.…

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Dear Congress

Dear Congress,

 After following your leadership I chose this morning to go to my job and demand concessions in health care, I demanded they cut the expenditures of the company and I would no longer be doing any work until my demands were met.

 Much to my…

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The Real Reason Our Government is The Way it is.

 Ok, here we are….again.

 So as we all look around and we watch the news and hear the politicians talk about shutdowns and debt ceilings and committees and negotiations, what is it we do not hear?

 That may seem like an odd question and one that may be…

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We are to Blame and We are the ones to Fix it

We are to Blame and We are the ones to Fix it.

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